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Experience where it counts! GBC has set the industry standard for producing the highest grossing & most comprehensive concession programs for festivals across the nation. GBC has developed staff, specialized equipment, various styles of food & beverage presentations and the expertise needed to take the risk factor out of the equation. GBC will work with our clients to customize our services for their event and the target audience. GBC has developed fail-proof systems to maximize the per cap spending – a key component in our repeat success.

The key areas that have created these increases (an average a 20% increase in gross sales) include the following:

Service Systems: customized to your type of event and the flow of the guests​
POS Payment Options: credit cards & cash accepted at EVERY point of sale to maximizes sales and customer convenience
Speed of Service: highly-skilled and knowledgeable staff
Quality Products & Fair Pricing: creative menu items and fair pricing – the result is repeat purchases
Experienced & Quality Subcontracted Vendors: Partnering with quality vendors with a proven track record increases the variety of food and beverage items at your event and increases and coverage of certain types of food and beverage
Inventory Based Accountability System: this guarantees accurate sales

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Utilized high levels of energy and superior multi-tasking abilities to quickly fill drink orders in this extremely fast-paced environment

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